Minimalism: go see this documentary

We sometimes live a strange life that allows us to watch television at the middle of the day. So Wrong! During the day, you have to be useful and work and make things happen or fix stuff or whatever... watching tv is so absolutely not on that list. But if we've started very early and if we have to work till late, we've adapted to the southern european life style and we've became very good siesta-makers (you have to adapt to your new home country, dont't you?!).
And yes, watching television can be part of an afternoon nap. Especially, when you watch a documentary. A good documentary is useful, makes things happen, will fix you or at least a small part of you and so you're absolutely allowed to watch it, whenever you want. 

Why this explanation of how we spend our siestas (don't worry, I won't do more details)? We've seen MINIMALISM: the story of two guys who've decided to live a more simple life. Because, in short, without clutter and stuff and things, you've much less to worry about.

It's something we all know. But still. I liked how logic they've made it feel... Says she, who has a house with more rooms she can count, more grass than she can mow and more books than she can reed (probably... but, you know, you can't run out of books, right... right?!). 

So I was impressed. And one day, maybe, I'll live in a 'Tiny House' too.
Go see this doc, it's on Netflix (are we allowed to have Netflix?) and let me know what you think. Could you do this? Would you?