About Us, a blog in English

In English?

But you're in France? Why not in French?
And you're Dutch? Why not in Dutch?
Or German? Since you were not to bad at it, at school...
Or Spanish?! Italian?! Fries?!

Of course there's no reasonable answer to this. I Try to have an international website, that fits our international clientèle. We have guests from all over the world and we love it! We've had great people from South-Afrika, Dubai, the United States and even Australia. And closer, of course : loads of Dutch people, the French, English couples, Italians, travelers from Spain, Belgium, Zwitserland, you name it. 

All very different people, with very different languages. But they all have one thing in common: the world is not that big and let's try to take care of it, together. With respect. Interest in each other. And thats not hard at all. 

So let this blog be not only 'about us'. We are not THAT interesting you know... Let it be about the good things in life. About good people. To make the world a better place (and yes, in English, just to reach more people).