Champagne! Or: Do get your Sword out!

Ok, life's not always the big party you want it to be... You have to wash dishes, pay taxes, talk to people you dislike. But Beware! If you think about those things too much, you'll loose time you can spend with your loved ones. You'll loose time to do stuff you DO like. And you'll get nasty wrinkles into the negative direction. You'll need to laugh, to get those wrinkles up! And sometimes, even after you've paid a speeding ticket (beware again: it's 80 k p/h on the Route National now) or Especially(!) after you've paid that speeding ticket..., you have to make the party yourself.
Life's to short!
And what helps to get the party started? Champagne! Or, the local bubbles from our Saint Pourçain Cave. And to make you laugh even louder... open your bottle with sword! Yes, a Sword! It absolutely is over theatrical and unnecessary, but so much fun.

Often, you choose friends that think alike. So, no surprise, we have friends in food, in wine and in Champagne. And in Champagne Swords (it's actually called a 'saber'). And this friend was so cool to dedicate a box to our Château des Edelins: a box with a Champagne Saber, a good bottle to test your skills and (no worries) a manual 'How to do it with a Saber'!

So if it's one of those days... (I personally recommend mondays) and your planning doesn't allow you come to Château des Edelins, get you Saber out and drink Champagne!
And to make that even easier for your, here's the link to the friends web store: