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Spend time with your loved ones and just feel at Home…

Château des Edelins en Auvergne : a warm B&B, perfectly located in the heart of France. Welcome!

Château des Edelins is also great for kids. Come and enjoy some family time! There’s loads of stuff to do and see or you can just hang out in the parc and have a swim.

Château des Edelins is a B&B with spacious rooms, high ceilings, nice garden views and loads of authentic details.

You want to ride your bike?
Château des Edelins is to feel at home. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Welcome!

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pours les événements professionnels ou en famille


Château des Edelins = Café 0,5 km, Supermarché 4 km, Vichy 22 km, Moulins 35 km, Clermont-Ferrand 60 km, Montluçon 70 km, Paris 350 km, Perpignan 490 km, Amsterdam 850 km

Perfectly located in the heart of France - Prachtig in het midden van Frankrijk.